AmaHatha Yoga

Why Amahatha Yoga

Based in Paris, Amadeo laid the foundation for Amahatha Yoga with a singular purpose – to make the purest form of Classical Hatha Yoga accessible to all. Workshops are also organized in Spain, and retreats in Thailand.We have Yoga classes in French, Spanish and English.

Isha Hatha yoga practices that we offer are currently in practice by over 7 million people worldwide. Taught as workshops, the sessions use detailed videos and corrections that enable one to practice independently after the workshop is complete.Whether this is your first yoga class, or you have been practicing for decades, our attention to detail and depth in practices sets our unique teaching style apart from the rest.


My name is Amadeo, I practice Yoga for 20 years and I find in it a great support for my work as a professional nurse. I discovered the teachings of Sadhguru in 2018 and tasted the depth of the wisdom of a living master. I included the Isha practices in my live an I decided to become a Yoga Teacher certified by the Isha Hatha School of Sadhguru with 1750h of intensive 21 weeks training at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore (South India). I teach Isha Classical Hatha Yoga practices: Angamardana, Bhuta Shuddhi, Yogasanas, Surya Kriya/Shakti and Upa Yoga.

AmaHatha Yoga