About Me

AmaHatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga teacher certified by Isha Foundation of Sadhguru.

Teaching in Spain, France and Thailand.

Born in Spain and moved to France at an adult age.

Educated as a nurse, and working at the hospital provided a precious experience about life and human existence.

Interested from early age by spirituality, meditation and yoga. And many other things like theater, martial arts, massage and most specially dance. Dancing is the best way to express, experience, connect and have fun.

Luckily enough to discover Sadhguru’s work and become an Isha meditator. These practices have the power to open a completely different dimension of life by deepening one’s experience as a result.

The vision of Yoga as a complete path to develop the capacity of perception to the maximum level. Bring the necessary balance and stability to the body/mind so that the energy levels can be increased to the maximum possibility. This becomes the basis to explore higher dimensions of existence through meditation.
The dayly life with higher awareness means better productivity and more joy, essentially less friction in all aspects of activity and relationships.

As a part of the yogic path at the moment sharing the Hatha Yoga practices from the most Classical tradition inspired by Sadhguru through the Hatha Yoga School of the Isha Foundation.

Teaching classes, workshops and retreats in Thailand, Spain and France.

It’s a privilege to be part of the vision of creating a conscious planet, to provide anyone the necessary tools to create a loving, peaceful and joyful life, in order to live in a world of love, light and laughter. Let’s make it happen!

AmaHatha Yoga